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Never-Married & Same-Sex Mediations.

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Divorce Mediation and Parenting Coordinators

“My commitment to mediation allows me to make a difference in people’s lives while they are embroiled in conflict. I help people work through their problems through a process that helps them develop skills they can use for years to come. Through mediation, I help people resolve their conflicts and teach them problem solving, empathy and self-determination. I try to give them the ability to make informed decisions for themselves. I have achieved a major objective, if when confronted with a conflict, my clients refer back to what they learned in mediation.”


C.E.L. &  Associates, Inc. – Divorce Mediation and Parenting Coordinator Services

Mediation Services can be arranged during all phases of a divorce, from the beginning to many years after the divorce is finalized.  At C.E.L. and Associates, Inc., we offer a full suite of mediation services, from all aspects of the divorce process to one specific issue and everywhere in between.   Unlike some court-mandated mediation that only occurs by the order of the court, take months to get into and only on limited issues, couples regularly seek out private mediation services during all phases of the procedure.

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Client Testimonials

"Brian helped my exwife and I update our divorce agreement 4 years after we were divorced. We had made a lot of changes since the divorce and some things came up that we didn't plan on and weren't in the divorce. In 3 hours Brian went through our entire parenting agreement and helped us fill in the missing pieces. It was easy."


"Going through the divorce process with C.E.L. & Associates is much less traumatic than going the traditional route. Brian and Ellen are professional, knowledgeable, and keep the negotiations fair. Both of us felt safe and able to think clearly to come to an arrangement that suited our family."


"I'm very pleased with my divorce mediation experience with Brian James. He provided us with just the type and amount of guidance needed to navigate through an otherwise painful process with efficiency and consideration."


"I refer any and all clients interested in mediation to Ellen and her team. She has an uncanny ability to earn the trust of both parties who work with her and she helps them resolve conflicts which seem impossible to resolve without litigation. Ellen's background as an attorney helps her guide parties to resolution and steer them away from threatening litigation in order to accomplish their goals.""

Beth McCormack - Divorce Attorney

"Brian has been able to work magic when getting divorcing couples to resolve difficult situations. He has the skills and experience necessary to achieve results, even for the most challenging scenarios."

David Kerpel - Divorce Attorney

"Brian has taken some very difficult situations in mediation and turned them into positive results. He does an excellent job, and I will continue to use his serves and recommend him as well"

Marjorie Sher - Divorce Attorney

"Brian provided expert mediation while maintaining neutral ground for a very difficult situation, divorce. His past experience provided him the ability to diffuse tense situations and manage a workable outcome. Brian also provided expert advice on how to maintain a strong sense of family even in a divorce and kept our children in mind at all times. He is a very detail oriented person which is critical in his field. I would strongly recommend the use of Brian as a divorce mediator prior to or in replace of an attorney"


"This is my 2nd divorce and it was nothing compared to my first,and I say that in a good way. My mediation with Brian and Ellen was done in 4 sessions and only took a few months. My 1st divorce took over a year and I am still having problems with that agreement. The mediation process is the way to go."


"Brian is a consummate professional. He handled my recent divorce with the utmost compassion and creative thinking."


"Brian was a pleasure to deal with in such an already difficult position. Thank you much for your time and effort."


"In these uncertain economic times, Brian has the ability to create workable solutions for divorcing couples. Brian thinks outside the box, developing creative ways around problems and setting his clients on the path to less contentious divorces. Brian's hard work makes by job as a matrimonial attorney so much easier. I would not hesitate to recommend Brian."

Patti Levinson - Divorce Attorney

"I would recommend Brian for anyone with kids. He helps us with what to say to our children about the divorce and our moving apart. He even took the time to role play with us and pose questions that our kids might ask. I was most impressed that he called my husband the day after we told the kids to see how it went."


"The best thing about the mediation as the flexibility of the mediator. We met during my lunch hour twice and, when that didn't work, he agreed to meet with us at night so we didn't have to miss work. This helps a lot since we did mediation due to the lower costs."


"This was my and my husbands 2nd mediator. We went to one through the courts in Chicago and it didn't go well. The mediator kept making "suggestions" as to what we should agree on. I liked the fact that Brian never told us what we should do, he listened and then gave us many options and ideas to work with. I, along with my soon to be ex, really appreciated that."


"Brian's mediation during my divorce made the process very manageable. He worked with us sorting through the details, and provided us advise so we could reach comprehensive solutions. I am very happy with his service and I recommend it."


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