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Why Do Most Children Live With Their Mother Post-Divorce?

When divorcing couples have children, divorce courts must decide which parents have primary custody of those children following the divorce. Child custody can be a very contentious matter along with divorce assistance to help pay for raising the children. According to a recent Newsweek magazine report, most children live with their mothers following a divorce.

Financial Impacts of a Divorce for a College Graduate

Divorces occur about 50% of the time, according to Divorce Statistics, though no one gets married thinking they will likely divorce. Plus, according to LinkedIn, the divorce rate among college graduates is less than that of noncollege graduates. In fact, the divorce rate is 49% or lower! However, if you are college educated, you face

Characteristics of a Good Divorce Mediator

Divorce mediation is often a requirement for couples going through this process. The divorce mediator’s role is to act as a “go-between” for the divorcing couple and ensure the conversation is productive. According to TIME, about 50% of marriages in the United States have a chance of not divorcing. Alternatively, 50% of marriages will end

Which Parent Will Your Children Live With Post-Divorce?

The process of a divorce is stressful and life-altering. If you have children, then you must consider what arrangements will be made for them post-divorce. A common point of contention is which parent the children will live with after everything is finalized. Although children with divorced parents live with their mother, according to Newsweek, an

What to Know About the Divorce Mediation Process

Families divorcing, especially couples with young children, find that the actions of a relationship breakup can be extremely difficult to tolerate. Mediaite reports that 93% of divorcing parents tried an alternative dispute resolution method. With more than half of first marriages ending in divorce and an even higher percentage of second marriages doing so, it

Tax Implications to Be Aware of Post-Divorce

With the current divorce rate at 41% for new couples, according to Legaljobs, it’s essential to get the best divorce advice possible. A central part of this advice is understanding the tax implications that come with a divorce. Post-divorce taxes can include both personal and business considerations. Here are a few tax implications to be

When Should You Seek Divorce Mediation?

Count to 36. During that time span, someone got divorced, according to LegalJobs. While it may seem like too many people are throwing away marriages in acrimonious court cases, there are times when they can take it into their own hands by having someone do divorce mediating. When Should You Do This? Divorce can be

Why It’s Important to Invest in a Divorce Mediator

A divorce is a life-changing event that will take much of your energy. It would be best to keep yourself as organized as possible while trying your best to navigate these trying times. A divorce mediator can help you to get through the struggles of negotiating divorce agreements and going over prenups. Having a neutral

Why Do So Many People Choose to Use Mediation Services?

More people use mediation services to settle their differences today than ever before. Mediation is often used by divorcing couples. In some cases, the court requires mediation. In other cases, couples choose these services to help them figure out their differences. Why is mediation such a popular option? Here are three reasons why mediation is