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5 Self-Care Tips During Divorce Proceedings

The process of mediating a divorce can be intense for everyone in your family. According to Forbes, 58% of divorced couples report more conflict than ever. That’s why you need to practice self-care. Here are five tips for caring for yourself during this emotional process. 1. Create a Safe Space A safe space can be

4 Shocking Child Support Statistics

Making an appointment with a divorce lawyer is a hard step to take. It’s especially hard when you have children. After all, someone will become a non-custodial parent and have to pay child support. Here are some shocking statistics related to child support cases. 1. 50 is the Magic Number Divorce is common in American

Understanding the Ins and Outs of Post-Decree Divorce Settlements

Going through a divorce can be an emotionally and financially difficult time in anyone’s life. Even after the judge signs the final divorce decree, there may still be some loose ends to tie up or changes in circumstances that require revisiting the settlement. Getting help from experienced divorce attorneys can make navigating the post-decree landscape

4 Factors That Are Considered in Child Support

Are you going through a breakup and need help arranging child support? Thanks to professional family relations mediation services, you can handle these matters with expert, compassionate assistance. If you are unfamiliar with how child support arrangements are made, here’s what you should know Here are factors considered in a typical case. 1. Custody According

4 Things a Pre-Decree Divorce Agreement Should Include

When divorcing your spouse, it’s critical to know about things like pre-decree divorce settlements. These can help streamline your breakup and cut back on trial time. However, they have to be done properly to ensure that everyone is satisfied. The following four things must be on every pre-decree divorce settlement, depending on your situation. 1.

Need Same-Sex Mediation? A Divorce Lawyer Can Assist

Mediation services can be a crucial step in the divorce process. According to Legal Jobs, 37.6% of all marriages in the U.S. end in divorce and this includes same sex marriage. Since the legal accommodation of same-sex marriage has become more predominant, it’s also created the need for same-sex divorce services such as same sex

How to Prepare for Divorcing Your Significant Other

When you married your partner, you may not have thought you’d be sitting in divorce court one day. Moving a divorce case forward will require some preparation and a deeper understanding of the legal process, especially if you have children. Here are some ways to handle divorcing your significant other. Gather Financial Documentation Getting married

What Are Pre-Decree Divorce Agreements?

A divorce can be stressful, sad, and upsetting. According to Legaljobs, divorces after first marriages are at about a 41% rate currently. Even once a divorce degree has been granted, there can still be issues that need post-decree litigation. Post-decree divorce agreements are often a topic for divorce mediation help. Let’s take a deeper look

What Are Post-Decree Divorce Agreements?

A divorce can be one of the most challenging events of your life. Many people think that once they have a decree in hand, their union is over and they never have to think about it again, but unfortunately, this is not always the case. Post-decree divorce modifications and agreements are often necessary to get