Why Do Most Children Live With Their Mother Post-Divorce?

When divorcing couples have children, divorce courts must decide which parents have primary custody of those children following the divorce. Child custody can be a very contentious matter along with divorce assistance to help pay for raising the children. According to a recent Newsweek magazine report, most children live with their mothers following a divorce.

Financial Impacts of a Divorce for a College Graduate

Divorces occur about 50% of the time, according to Divorce Statistics, though no one gets married thinking they will likely divorce. Plus, according to LinkedIn, the divorce rate among college graduates is less than that of noncollege graduates. In fact, the divorce rate is 49% or lower! However, if you are college educated, you face

Which Parent Will Your Children Live With Post-Divorce?

The process of a divorce is stressful and life-altering. If you have children, then you must consider what arrangements will be made for them post-divorce. A common point of contention is which parent the children will live with after everything is finalized. Although children with divorced parents live with their mother, according to Newsweek, an

Tax Implications to Be Aware of Post-Divorce

With the current divorce rate at 41% for new couples, according to Legaljobs, it’s essential to get the best divorce advice possible. A central part of this advice is understanding the tax implications that come with a divorce. Post-divorce taxes can include both personal and business considerations. Here are a few tax implications to be

Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid to Hire Divorce Assistance

Divorce can be difficult for everyone, and no one plans on getting a divorce when they get married. According to the Council for Families, American couples argue about 19 times a month on average. For some couples, arguing is just too much, and divorcing is a better option for everyone. Divorce assistance can help make

Divorce Advice an Attorney Can Provide

A divorce attorney can provide a wealth of advice. According to Allied Surveys, marriage has about a 50% chance of survival, meaning divorce attorneys remain necessary. What divorce advice can you get from an experienced attorney in this field? Here are five things to consider. Representation One of the things that a lawyer would advise

What Does Divorcing Your Partner Mean for Your Family?

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, nearly 530,000 couples reportedly lived together unmarried in the 1970s. This figure increased to 5.5 million, illustrating the startling rise in divorce rates in the latter half of the 20th century. In reality, family life has changed significantly in the last few decades. It can be extremely challenging to

The Financial Side of Divorce

Divorce can impact a family in many ways, which makes some people hesitate to do it. However, divorce can bring some economic advantages, and families should understand them before entering a divorce. Any divorce lawyer will tell you that it’s an expensive process. According to Forbes, separating in the United States costs around $15,000 to

The Top 4 Warning Signs of Divorce

Finding signs your marriage will probably end is never fun. If you notice signs that a marriage is over, seeking a divorce may fix the problem. However, working to stop divorce is only an option if both parties are willing. In some cases, the damage is irreparable, and couples choose separation as it’s in their