What Are Pre-Decree Divorce Agreements?

A divorce can be stressful, sad, and upsetting. According to Legaljobs, divorces after first marriages are at about a 41% rate currently. Even once a divorce degree has been granted, there can still be issues that need post-decree litigation. Post-decree divorce agreements are often a topic for divorce mediation help. Let’s take a deeper look at post-decree actions.

Post-decree Divorce Agreements

A post-decree divorce agreement is any type of legal action that needs to be taken after a divorce decree has already been granted. Although everyone involved would love to hope that once a decree is granted a divorce is finalized and over with, the truth is that you may still need to iron out details with your ex for years to come. This is very commonly the case when there are children involved. Let’s look at a few types of post-decree litigation

Child Support

Divorce mediation help is often sought out for questions on child support following a divorce decree. Child support is the most commonly addressed topic for post-decree actions. This is because child support will naturally change and evolve as the needs of the children change and evolve. Child support may also change due to financial changes for one or both parents.


The custody of children may also need to be revisited as well following a divorce. Custody issues are never set in stone, and can change if a parent fails to follow a parenting plan or if the parent experiences challenges that make it difficult for them to keep up their parental responsibilities.

Child Visitation

Any details of your divorce decree that involved children, are subject to change as the child’s needs change over time. Visitation can change for a number of reasons. Parents may move, new responsibilities surface or a child’s schedule may change significantly as they age. It’s the parents’ responsibility to navigate these changes smoothly with divorce mediation help so that the child always has a secure base with both parents.


Alimony payments or spousal support payments, can also become a topic of post-decree litigation. Alimony, like child support, may change as financial situations change. Changes could involve starting or losing a job, a re-marriage, a significant change in circumstances, or other factors.

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