Articles and Documents

Frequently Asked Questions – People ask a lot of questions when deciding about mediation. This article answers many of these questions.

CHILD SUPPORT – WHY DON’T PEOPLE PAY – One page article on why people don’t pay child support and how to get them to.

Co-Parenting After a Divorce—Tips from a Mediator – Here are some simple tips to use in order to make co-parenting with your ex-spouse a little easier.

Divorcing Parents Beware – Ways to avoid ruining the holidays for your children

Estate Planning – Why is it so Important – Learn why estate planning is so important and what it can do for you and your family.

How Can Mediation Help During Your Divorce – Find out some of the advantages to mediation in this short article. It gives the basics as to why mediation is a good thing.

Keeping it Confidential: Mediation and Privacy – Learn how the divorce mediation process allows your divorce proceedings to remain 99% confidential. Don’t let others hear about your divorce. Read this article to learn more.

Qualified Domestic Relation Order  – What is a Qualified Domestic Relation Order (Q.D.R.O.) and why is it so important as part of a divorce proceeding.

School Conferences – Learn ways that divorcing/divorced parents can both be part of their children’s school conferences even if they can’t be in the same room together

The Dilemma of Health Insurance after Divorce – Getting divorced and losing your health insurance? This article gives you important information about COBRA and Private Insurance.

The Value of Mediation – This article gives a few testimonials to the benefits of mediation. It also lets you know when mediation isn’t right and what to do if you don’t know.

What is Mediation – A 2 page article simplifying mediation to the basics. Allows those who read this to easily understand the mediation process.

Wise Decisions: Cost Issues in Divorce Mediation vs. Litigation – Read this article to find out the price differences between mediation and litigation

COLLABORATIVE DIVORCE OR MEDIATION – Read this article comparing these two types of divorce litigation alternatives