Child Support

Child Support Mediation

Divorce is one of the most difficult situations that a family will ever have to deal with, often causing anything from changes in living arrangements to child support issues to ongoing emotional turmoil. Fortunately, the ideal way to ensure that divorce has only the minimum impact on each family member’s life is to work with a qualified attorney on establishing a quick and favorable resolution. This is where C.E.L. and Associates comes in.

As one of the top divorce lawyers in Libertyville and surrounding areas, we take pride in offering a variety of options for helping divorcing couples develop amicable compromises for their mutual issues. Mediation is a proven method for effectively developing these compromises without becoming entangled in the costly and highly complicated litigation process. Our mediation options include:

  • Pre-Decree Divorce Agreements
  • Post-Decree Divorce Settlements
  • Co-Mediation Services

Led by Brian James (divorce mediator and parenting coordinator) and Ellen Feldman (mediator and attorney), our team specializes in working as a neutral third party to facilitate discussion between a husband and wife at a crossroads in their marriage. Aside from the consideration of finances and other assets, we also assist with the major issue that divorcing couples have to deal with – child support.

Our skilled and experienced divorce lawyers ensure that you are able to make well-informed decisions through a fully collaborative, comprehensive and compassionate process. This helps promote peace of mind and a brighter future for your entire family after the divorce proceedings are complete.

When you seek a qualified divorce lawyer in or around Libertyville, IL, the team from C.E.L. and Associates is only one call away. Whether you would prefer to call us at the phone # below or complete our online contact form, an attorney from a nearby office will gladly help you get started on obtaining the child support and other relevant settlements that you deserve.

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