Marital/Family Mediation

Marital/Family Mediation

Many people face issues in their marriages that prove difficult to resolve without outside assistance. Marital Mediation is a series of guided negotiations in which couples craft practical solutions to the issues troubling their relationship with the assistance of a neutral third party.

Marital Mediation may be appropriate when:

  • Traditional marriage counseling would feel uncomfortable or inappropriate
  • Time limitations require immediate solutions rather than in-depth explorations
  • Success in future interactions depends on learning more effective negotiation skills in the present

Marital Mediation offers a professional alternative to both marital therapy and to the religious orientation of pastoral counseling. This form of mediation is designed to develop concrete solutions in a defined period of time. It helps couples resolve family conflicts that eventually would lead to separation if left unattended.

The issues of finances, parenting responsibilities, communications and intimacy issues, as well as career conflict, and disputes that arise from other family members or community issues can be discussed and resolved. Sometimes the issues range from allocation of household tasks through addressing infidelity or religious disputes.

  • Reduce marital conflict
  • Protect children from stress
  • Avoid separation and divorce
  • Enhance communication skills