Workplace Mediation

Workplace Mediation

One of the biggest detriments to productivity in the workplace is a dispute between employees. Not only can a disagreement cost a company time and money, it can hinder future productivity and devastate employees relationships, both within and outside of the workplace. When legal action is taken against a company, entire organizations can change or fall apart overnight. The workplace mediation process allows both employees and employers to resolve disputes without going to court.

C.E.L Associates Can Help

At C.E.L & Associates, we strive to resolve employee disputes without the hassle of going through a lengthy legal process. Not only does our workplace mediation resolve employee disputes quickly and efficiently, our process helps promote a healthier work environment by offering creative solutions you wouldn’t find in a courtroom.

Through workplace mediation, an experienced, professional mediator on our team will meet with both parties of the dispute to form a resolution instead of bringing that case to court. The past or current employee will be able to vent their disputes in a confidential environment; this is especially important for disputes regarding sensitive information. Our workplace mediation professional will work to find a mutually beneficial outcome for both parties.

Why does a dispute need workplace mediation?

Instead of delving into a lengthy legal trial, a workplace mediator will be able to provide an unbiased point of view for both parties at hand. Through workplace mediation, the clients will have control over the outcome of the case, unlike a resolution decided upon by a jury. More often than not, the manager will disregard the claim of the employee, or the employee will fail to recognize their responsibility in the matter. It is up to the mediator to point out these key differences in perspective in order to reach a compromise between the two parties.

More often than not, a workplace dispute can be resolved with the help of a professional. When your company requires the professional help offered by workplace mediation, C.E.L & Associates offers a confidential, affordable, and beneficial outcome of which the parties get to decide. Visit our website or call us today at one of our eight locations in Illinois and Wisconsin for the best in workplace mediation.