Navigating the Divorce Process: A Step-by-Step Guide

Divorce, even the ones that are somewhat amicable, can be emotional, especially with all the steps involved. Also, they can take a long time, and if the divorce is contested, according to, it can drag on for years. You might need some help navigating this process. We’re here to help with a guide.

File the Divorce Petition

A divorce petition is something one of the two spouses files that requests that the court terminates this marriage. There are some requirements that need to be met, such as residency requirements, legal reasons for divorce, and any other information the state requires. A lawyer can provide help with divorce so that the petitioner can make sure they meet all the requirements.

Get a Temporary Court Order

There can be situations where it’s not feasible to allow the petition to make its way through the court system since there are stay-at-home parents who may not have the money to ensure their children are taken care of during this process. A temporary court order can take care of child visitation, payments for both children and spousal support, or even custody rights. There’s usually a hearing about this order and it stays in effect until the divorce is final or the court changes the order.

File Proof of Service

You need to show the court that you served your spouse with a petition for divorce. It’s important that you do this part since the divorce can’t proceed without this step taking place. If you need help with divorce, then someone can make sure that your spouse gets served the papers.

Negotiate a Settlement

This part depends on how amicable the divorce is. You can work out things like child custody, any kind of financial support, and dividing property and other assets. If that doesn’t happen, then you’re going to have to negotiate a settlement. Doing so is going to involve lawyers and can cost a lot of money, especially if the negotiations drag on.

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