Parenting Plan Tune-Ups

When parents divorce, a parenting plan will be created that designates how certain issues regarding the children will be handled.  Sometimes, this parenting plan is drafted by the parents, and other times, if the parents cannot agree, the courts will order a parenting plan on their behalf. Parenting plans can be as detailed as the

Divorce Mediation: A Gentle Alternative to a Bitter Process

After a divorce trial, the parties are often exhausted, emotional, and financially drained.  They have likely spent hours preparing for trial with their attorneys, have endured intense cross-examination on the witness stand, and have nervously awaited the judge’s decision.  Additionally, they may have spent several thousand dollars or more in legal fees. Many parties have

Divorce Mediation and Domestic Violence

Unfortunately, domestic violence is a growing problem in the country.  It is common in various cultures and impacts both wealthy and poor families.  Often, outsiders have no idea that their friends and loved ones are suffering abuse.  One disturbing statistic reports that three women are murdered in the United States every single day by a

Children, Divorce and the Holidays

One of the most painful parts of a divorce is losing time with one’s children.  Until the divorce, the family has spent most of their time in one home, and the thought of not being with your children for all of the holidays has probably not even come up.  However, after a divorce, the parents