Mediated Divorce: A Primer

Divorce, unfortunately, seems like it will always be common. It’s estimated that a divorce becomes final every 36 seconds. It can be one of the most difficult things a person can go through. Aside from the prevailing emotional distress, the upheaval and change, and the impact on one’s family and lifestyle, it is a long

How To Mediate A Workplace Conflict

Research says that people who have attended college have a 13% lower risk of divorce. Yet, even those couples still fight. Research shows that the average couple will fight, on average, 19 times per month. Just like in marriage, conflict at the workplace is inevitable as people from different backgrounds interact and work together. As a

What You Need to Know About Divorce Mediator Costs

Whatever your reason for divorce is, hiring a divorce mediator is an amicable way to end things without drama. But exactly how much do divorce mediators charge for their services? There is more to divorce assistance services than their hourly rate. In this article, we take you through everything you need to consider when looking