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5 Tips and Tricks For Navigating Finances During Divorce

Money plays a big role in love and marriage — and in divorce, should it come to it. Your household income can influence your likelihood of staying together or calling it quits. “Earning $125,000 a year or more makes divorce 51% less likely, compared to a household income of $25,000 or less,” according to Emory

4 Benefits of Divorce Mediation Service

Divorce should be the last solution for a couple in discord. Sadly, a divorce happens every 36 seconds. Going through a divorce is emotionally and financially draining. A high conflict divorce may result in stress, depression, and anxiety. However, a divorce mediation service can help a couple divorce less acrimoniously. Why Choose Divorce Mediation Service?

How Divorce Mediating Can Help With Your Divorce

Everyone loves the thought of romance, but is it really just a dream? Statistics would seem to say yes. Researchers have found that the chances of having a marriage last are only about 50%. You may not have thought it would ever happen to you, but the time has come and now you are divorcing

4 Ways The Pandemic Is Impacting Your Divorce

The devastating effects of the COVID-19 virus are impacting every aspect of our daily lives. It can also affect you when it comes to divorcing your spouse. Courthouses are closed except for emergencies, and this is creating delays in proceedings as well as applications for child support and custody. The backlog can be tremendous considering