3 Ways Divorce Mediation Services Improve the Divorce Process

When going through a divorce with your significant other, there are certain services that you may hire to avoid going to a divorce trial. Divorce mediation is a process that allows you and your partner to find compromises together, with the help of a neutral third-party mediator. Researchers say marriages have about a 50% chance of lasting, so the odds of going through a divorce are rather big. If you find yourself in the unfortunate situation of divorce, then you may want to explore more information on divorce mediation services.

Mediation May Be More Cost-Effective

Hiring a mediator can be much cheaper than going to a trial for your divorce. When hiring divorce mediation services instead of a divorce lawyer, mediation generally takes up less time than the lawyer route. With less time, that means paying fewer hourly fees to any attorneys that were hired for the divorce. Using a divorce mediator instead of a divorce attorney also means that you will be able to avoid going to court, allowing you to generally skip over any court fees.

Mediation Offers Privacy

As mentioned before, hiring a divorce mediator will help avoid going to court and save money at the same time. At the same time, this option ends up being more private and confidential than going to court. Divorce in the court system is public, meaning anyone can sit in that court and hear the specific details regarding the divorce case. With divorce mediation services, the process is held behind closed doors, making it much more private than going to court. The only people involved in the mediation process are the neutral mediator and the two divorcees.

Mediation Can Foster Better Communication

With fewer people being involved with the divorce process, it is common for there to be easier communication between the divorced couple. A mediator allows the divorced couple to work together towards a compromise. Each spouse has the same information, and with mediation they are able to freely exchange information with one another, allowing for a smoother and quicker negotiation process. When divorcing through a court, more times than not it is difficult for a divorced couple to effectively communicate with one another, as divorce in the court system is designed to make it harder. With a neutral third party, there are no walls put up between the two spouses and conflicts may be easier to solve.

In America, couples argue around 19 times per month on average. There tends to be a lack of communication in relationships, both those going through a divorce or not. Communication is an extremely important factor to take into consideration when going through a divorce with your significant other. It can be what makes the process easier and quicker, or much harder and longer. Since using divorce mediation services allows you to freely and effectively communicate with your partner, there tend to be quicker negotiations made. With communication not being a negative factor, but instead a positive factor to the process, it is generally quicker to reach a compromise together on issues faced during the divorce.

Divorce mediation services are a great option to consider when going through a divorce
and is definitely something to consider. With mediation there is more of a chance that a divorced couple will reach a happier outcome for both parties, whereas, in a court setting, one partner may lose while the other wins. While mediation seems like a good option, it’s only possible if the divorced couple is willing to work together to find a compromise. If there is no sense of communication between the couple, mediation may not work as effectively as it is meant to.