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divorce mediatorDivorce Mediator – Biggest mistakes in hiring a divorce mediator.

Are you thinking of hiring a divorce mediator to handle your divorce? Then you’ll want to avoid these mistakes when selecting the divorce mediator to handle your divorce.

1) Divorce Mediator who takes sides

A properly trained divorce mediator knows how to remain neutral. Their job is to artfully facilitate and guide the negotiation process. If you find that your divorce mediator is always siding with one person then that’s not the divorce mediator for you.

2) Divorce Mediator who spills the beans

The divorce mediation process is meant to be a confidential and private process. Like talking with a doctor or psychiatrist who is under an oath to keep your confidentiality, a divorce mediator should keep quiet about your private conversations during mediation.

3) Divorce Mediator without professional training

Look a divorce mediator who hasn’t just “hung out a shingle” saying they do mediation. You want someone with actual training and certification. There are many programs and certifications available for divorce mediation training. Additionally there is training in alternative dispute resolution. Ask what qualifications your divorce mediator has.

4) Divorce Mediator that has micro-vision

One of the advantages of working with a divorce mediator is that they can help you see all sides of a situation. Sometimes when you are clouded in intense emotion, it’s hard to think about how a decision may affect you down the road. A skilled divorce mediator helps you be “future focused” to ensure that decisions you make will work now and benefit you in the years to come.

5) Divorce Mediator that doesn’t have a heart

Having compassion helps a divorce mediator to handle delicate, emotional matters. A good divorce mediator will do everything in their power to reduce the stress and hurtful emotion. By de charging the situation emotionally, a divorce mediator helps couples to think straight, act calm, and work together to resolve conflict.

6) Divorce Mediator with bad communication skills

One of the most critical roles a divorce mediator plays is that of guiding meaningful, productive communications to help a couple resolve conflict. Couples learn to listen openly, check for understanding, and work together to find solutions. Communication helps in post divorce with situations that come up, particularly couples with children. Being able to talk a matter through without fighting will help couples navigate the challenges after divorce.

7) Divorce Mediators who forget about the kids

The negative impact of divorce on children can cause life long damage. A skilled divorce mediator helps couples divorce peacefully and reduce the stress imposed on the children. When children see that even in divorce the parents are cooperating it helps them cope psychologically with the changes they face in their new family situations.

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