What Makes a Divorce Attorney Specialized in Their Job

If you’re considering legal and mediation help from a divorce attorney, you may be wondering what sets them apart from any other kind of lawyer. It’s perfectly natural and common to want more information about your attorney. You’re going through a difficult time and want to be sure your case is in capable hands. Here

FAQ: Child Custody and Support For Divorced Parents

Completing a divorce process with children is difficult. It often calls for a whole separate parental agreement concerning finances, responsibilities, and custody. Your divorce mediation process should include a generous amount of time dedicated to understanding and recording your mutual agreements about family mediation and childcare post-divorce, but here are three frequently asked questions for

Student Loan Debt Affecting American Marriages

Money is an issue that divorce counsel tackles often. Between negotiating pre-nups, dividing existing assets, and establishing alimony, money is a huge presence in divorce mediation proceedings. Studies in the recent past have shown that the risk of divorce drops by 13% for people who have attended college, but an alarming number of divorces have