Using Mediation for Post-Decree Divorce Issues in Chicago

Most couples believe that, once their divorce is behind them, their days in the Chicago family court system are over.  Once a Chicago couple divorces, they receive a divorce decree that outlines the decisions that were made in their case.  For many couples, issues arise after the divorce that need to be resolved, particularly if

Hiring a Divorce Mediator: A Cheaper (Less Expensive) Alternative to Chicago Divorce Court

Resolving a case through the Chicago family court system is not only stressful, but also financially burdensome for the parties involved.  In especially contested divorce cases, it is not unusual for attorneys’ fees and court costs to exceed $10,000.  The parties in a divorce case may save thousands of dollars by using a Chicago divorce

What is Pre-Decree Divorce Mediation in Chicago?

In Chicago, once a couple has finalized their divorce, the details of the case are memorialized in a divorce decree.  The divorce decree lays out the division of property, custody and visitation issues, and any other factors that were disputed during the divorce proceeding.  When a Chicago couple uses pre-decree divorce mediation, the goal is

Using a Chicago Family Mediator to Resolve Disagreements

Every family will eventually experience a disagreement.  Family disagreements occur between siblings, parents and children, and between relatives who work together in a family business.  These disputes are often highly emotional, and, if left unchecked, may escalate and permanently destroy relationships.  Although many of these disagreements do not involve a formal lawsuit, Chicago family mediators