Using Mediation for Post-Decree Divorce Issues in Chicago

Most couples believe that, once their divorce is behind them, their days in the Chicago family court system are over.  Once a Chicago couple divorces, they receive a divorce decree that outlines the decisions that were made in their case.  For many couples, issues arise after the divorce that need to be resolved, particularly if the couple has children.  Mediation is an excellent resource for post-decree divorce disputes in Chicago, as it is an efficient, effective process for resolving disagreements.  Chicago post-decree divorce mediation may cover as many issues as the parties like, which is especially useful for preventing future disagreements.

As soon as the parties realize they have an issue that needs to be resolved, they may seek the services of a mediator instead of waiting several weeks for a court date.  During mediation, a mediator facilitates conversations that helps the parties compromise and create an agreement to resolve their dispute.  The parties remain in control of the agreement; the mediator has no decision-making power over the parties.

Issues involving a couple’s children are never set in stone by a family court.  A family court’s primary concern when deciding custody and visitation issues is the best interests of the children, and courts are aware that what is in the best interests of the children may change from year to year.

One of the most common issues that arises after a couple divorces is the relocation of one of the parties.  If one parent is moving several states away, the parties will have to recreate a custody and visitation plan for the children.

Ultimately, mediation may be used to resolve any disagreements that come up after a divorce has been finalized.