What To Expect If You’re Divorcing Your Wife

So you’re divorcing your wife. This decision can ultimately be a good thing for your entire family. In fact, the two of you may find it easier to work with each other as parents when you’re divorced than you did while you were married. But nonetheless, there are issues that you need to consider and

Can Divorce Mediation Help Lower Your Stress?

Anyone who’s experienced divorce or who is about to go through one knows that it can be very emotionally demanding and stressful. However, steps like divorce mediation may help to minimize some emotional concerns and create a smoother and more efficient situation. How Divorce Causes Stress Divorce is never an easy process and often comes

The Most Common FAQs Folks Have About Divorce

Divorce is such a varying thing that it is often very complex without mediation. For example, divorce may be affected by how many children you have, as divorce rates are 40% lower for those who have kids than for those who do not. Therefore, it is important to understand all of these factors and to