What To Expect If You’re Divorcing Your Wife

So you’re divorcing your wife. This decision can ultimately be a good thing for your entire family. In fact, the two of you may find it easier to work with each other as parents when you’re divorced than you did while you were married. But nonetheless, there are issues that you need to consider and prepare yourself for as you and your wife plan to divorce.

1. You’ll Need A Lawyer

Technically speaking, you could move forward with your divorce without an attorney. But this, in many cases, is a mistake. It’s important for you to be legally represented, and to have your interests represented. While you may not expect you and your spouse to disagree or fight, it’s important to expect the unexpected. Getting a lawyer does not mean that you want your divorce to be bitter; it just means that you’re protecting yourself.

2. Expect to Split Custody

When you’re divorcing your wife you have children together, it’s quite likely that the two of you will split custody. In most cases, the mother does receive primary physical custody of the children, either due to the choice of the parents or the court. It’s estimated that 75% of all children of divorced parents live with their mother. Consider what you want before meeting with your attorney, as well as what is best for your children.

3. You’ll Have A Separation Period

Most of the time, a separation period is required before a couple divorces, though the required period may vary depending on what state you live in. While you and your wife may be completely sure about your divorce, the legal system still has this requirement that you’ll need to wait out, during which the two of you will be legally separated.

4. Try To Maintain Cordiality

If you and your wife can be as civil as possible, the divorce will be easier. Even if there are contentious reasons for your divorce, consider hiring a mediator to help the two of you come to a decision about issues like the division of property and custody of your children.

Divorce isn’t easy, but the more prepared you are, the better. Make sure you’re taking all of these things into consideration as you move through this process.