Why Do So Many People Choose to Use Mediation Services?

More people use mediation services to settle their differences today than ever before. Mediation is often used by divorcing couples. In some cases, the court requires mediation. In other cases, couples choose these services to help them figure out their differences. Why is mediation such a popular option? Here are three reasons why mediation is

The 5 Ws of Mediating Your Divorce

When should you mediate your divorce? Couples should carefully consider mediation before splitting up. While mediation can be an effective way to resolve complex marital disputes, it should only be undertaken if both parties are willing to cooperate and agree to the outcome. According to Divorce Mag, the median age for a first divorce is

Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid to Hire Divorce Assistance

Divorce can be difficult for everyone, and no one plans on getting a divorce when they get married. According to the Council for Families, American couples argue about 19 times a month on average. For some couples, arguing is just too much, and divorcing is a better option for everyone. Divorce assistance can help make