Why Do So Many People Choose to Use Mediation Services?

More people use mediation services to settle their differences today than ever before. Mediation is often used by divorcing couples. In some cases, the court requires mediation. In other cases, couples choose these services to help them figure out their differences. Why is mediation such a popular option? Here are three reasons why mediation is the right answer for many divorcing couples.

1. It’s Cost-Effective

There are underlying costs of a divorce or any dispute-type action that many people do not consider. For example, if your dispute must go to trial, you will lose time from work. It will also run up the cost of attorney fees. Mediation services are a cost-effective option. You can avoid many of the “hidden costs” of going to trial by choosing mediation; it can even help settle many types of disputes without running up legal costs.

2. It’s an Easier Process

No one likes to be in a courtroom waiting to be called so they can stand up in front of the judge. There is no privacy in an open courtroom. Mediation is a more private and easier process to hammer out differences. You do not have to sit in a courtroom and wait hours to hear your name called. You do not have to drag out the dirty laundry in an open court; it’s an easier way to find solutions to disputes.

3. It’s Time-Saving

Unfortunately, court calendars are often overstressed, which means your case may not get to court for many months. However, suppose you can manage the dispute through mediation. In that case, a settlement can go before the court to sign off; it can shorten the time it takes to settle the matter. Mediation can move your case forward faster. For many people, shortening the amount of time that matter is foremost in their life is the best way to manage the situation.

According to The Knot, most people remarry three years after a divorce. Clearly, people choose mediation because they want to get on with their lives once they’ve decided to divorce their spouse. Mediation services may be the right solution if you are going through a divorce or in a dispute. Call C.E.L. & Associates Inc. today to learn more about our services.