Mediation 201: Who Needs It?

In our part two of mediation basics, we’ll go over the process of mediation and the different kinds of situations mediators can specialize in. Welcome to Mediation 201. Mediation is typically an option for all non-criminal disputes. Some non-violent criminal disputes can occasionally be a good candidate for mediation, like libel an defamation. Here are

Mediation 101: What Is It?

You may have heard the term “mediation” before, and you may have wondered how it intersects with law and how it can be helpful for you. Welcome to Mediation 101. How Is Mediation Defined? Mediation is a concept that’s part of “alternative dispute resolution” strategies, or ADR. ADR strategies are a way for two disputing

Tips For Approaching Your Spouse About Divorce

If you’re thinking about approaching your spouse to talk about divorce, follow these tips for the smoothest possible conversation. Prepare Yourself and What You Want to Say Don’t bring up this discussion in a fit of stress, anxiety, or anger. It won’t be a productive conversation and it will only bring more stress on both