How Does the Divorce Mediation Process Work?

Nobody wants to get divorced, even if it is ultimately in the best interests of everyone involved. There is no single type of person who is likely to get divorced, though attending college can lower your risk of divorce by 13%. Perhaps the biggest issue during divorce is not the split itself, but the arguments

What Are The Leading Causes of Divorce?

Everybody hopes that their marriages will last for the long term, but unfortunately, this is not always possible. It’s important to not view divorce as a failure; in some cases, divorce largely occurs due to the actions of one partner, while other times there are mutual actions that cause parties to divorce. Nonetheless, when there

The Eyebrow Raising Divorce Facts You Should Hear

Sometimes, divorce is impossible to avoid. While you can potentially make your split more amicable through divorce mediating sessions, there will almost inevitably be something that surprises you during those proceedings. Part of this surprise may be linked to the fact that many people don’t understand how divorce works. Divorce is shrouded in mystery and