What Are The Leading Causes of Divorce?

Everybody hopes that their marriages will last for the long term, but unfortunately, this is not always possible. It’s important to not view divorce as a failure; in some cases, divorce largely occurs due to the actions of one partner, while other times there are mutual actions that cause parties to divorce.

Nonetheless, when there is an easy-to-find cause of a divorce, it’s important to identify this before entering divorce mediation. Divorce mediation can ensure that your divorce is as smooth as possible. But both parties need to be honest about what occurred. Otherwise, they may continue to contentiously battle through the dissolution of their marriage. With that being said, let’s look into some of the leading causes of divorce.

1. Infidelity

Infidelity is easily one of the main causes of divorce, which can make divorce mediation quite necessary. It can be difficult for two people to rationally work through their divorce after one or both parties have been unfaithful. While infidelity certainly doesn’t mean divorce for all couples, many consider it to be the “deal-breaker” in a marriage.

2. Incompatibility and Arguing

At times, people simply argue so much that they cannot possibly ensure that their marriage will last. Some people just aren’t compatible, and therefore are unable to communicate with each other without arguing. Arguing is already fairly common; it’s estimated that the average American will have an argument 19 times a month. Imagine arguing even more than that, and with your spouse in particular. Many people divorce simply because they want a happier life, without all the arguments.

3. Financial Stress

Although divorce can be fairly expensive, a lot of people divorce due to financial stress. Financial stress can come from debt, a lack of good employment opportunities, or any number of other sources. Married couples have to share financial burdens together but often find themselves blaming each other for these problems, leading to divorce.

4. Big Changes

When big changes occur in life, it can result in people reevaluating their relationships and getting divorced. This could include the deaths of family members, major promotions, big moves, and much more. Some people just find that their relationships aren’t the same after these changes.

No matter why you’re divorcing, don’t blame yourself. Just try to move forward with your divorce with as much kindness as possible.