Implementing the Use of ADR to Resolve Employment Disputes in Chicago IL – by Brian James

Alternative dispute resolution is the term used to describe alternative methods of resolving certain disputes besides litigation.  Many employment disputes in Chicago Illinois are resolved using ADR techniques like mediation or arbitration.  Due to the many benefits that ADR strategies have in resolving employment disputes in Chicago Illinois, many employers are implementing ADR programs in-house.

Maintaining Your Composure during Neighborhood Disputes in Chicago IL – by Brian James

When parties are embroiled in neighborhood disputes in Chicago Illinois, issues can become quickly heated.  However, most neighbors ultimately want to resolve their situation and go back to being friendly – or at least cordial – neighbors.  In resolving neighborhood disputes in Chicago Illinois the parties often maintain their composure during the process.  Some ways

Three Ways to Resolve Landlord/Tenant Disputes in Chicago IL – by Brian James

With millions of people who live in Chicago,  many of whom are renters, landlord/tenant disputes in Chicago Illinois are very common.  There are many ways to resolve issues that arise between a landlord and tenant such as non-payment of rent, issues involving repairs and eviction actions.  Three of the most common methods of resolving landlord/tenant