Three Steps to Success in Family Mediation in Chicago IL – by Brian James

Family mediation in Chicago Illinois is a popular alternative to a heated court battle.  Mediation helps parties settle disputes in a facilitated series of meetings rather than having a judge make a decision regarding a family that may have a permanent impact on them.  For family mediation in Chicago Illinois to be successful, both parties must participate and  exert effort into the process.  The following steps often lead to success in mediation:

Put Your Heart into It

Mediation is a voluntary process.  Parties cannot be forced into making decisions outside of court that affect their legal rights.  However, some parties simply agree to the process because someone else has convinced them of the merits of mediation or because they simply want to know what the other side might say in court.  By fully investing in the process of mediation, the parties are more likely to reach a peaceful resolution of their case.

Focus on the Needs of Others

In a family mediation case, children may be involved.  Parents or an elderly family member may be involved.  Having to focus on someone else’s needs can help keep you grounded during the process.  Consider the possible interests of the other party.  Balance is an important part of any mediation.  Even though you want your needs addressed, mediation will typically deliver a balance of both parties’ needs without sacrificing everything.

Be Tolerant

Even though you may have a different opinion about how a particular legal problem should be handled, consider alternative viewpoints.  Do not assume that your way is the only right way.  When parties in conflict feel that the other party is not tolerating their point of view, they may raise the conflict level or simply give up on mediation.  In contrast, when parties engage in a more agreeable manner, they can help avoid conflict and move toward a peaceful resolution of their case.