Maintaining Your Composure during Neighborhood Disputes in Chicago IL – by Brian James

When parties are embroiled in neighborhood disputes in Chicago Illinois, issues can become quickly heated.  However, most neighbors ultimately want to resolve their situation and go back to being friendly – or at least cordial – neighbors.  In resolving neighborhood disputes in Chicago Illinois the parties often maintain their composure during the process.  Some ways to dial down the emotional involvement of such cases includes:

Learning the Law

Individuals going through a dispute may wish to contact a lawyer to learn about relevant laws, such as adverse possession or how boundary lines are determined.  Sometimes the parties may base their opinions on inaccurate information and learning the law may help them see things from a different perspective.

Have a Face to Face Meeting

Sometimes telephones and computers allow people to have a sense of distance when dealing with an emotional problem.  They may be more terse or abrupt than they ever would be in person.  Having a face to face meeting through mediation can often help the parties come to a neutral setting and work out their problems.


Many issues involving neighbors can be resolved if they are discussed thoroughly from both sides.  Many times, neighbors are only seeing things from their own point of view and a mediator can help provide balance.  Working out problems through mediation is often less expensive, more efficient and less stressful than the alternative.

Document Everything

Sometimes having documents supporting your position can help you avoid losing your temper.  You have an objective document that you can show the mediator to support your case.

Just Breathe

During mediation, it is important not to lose your temper or express anger in a non-productive manner.  These expressions may be best made during private sessions with the mediator rather than risking compromising the integrity of the mediation.