How to make sure divorce doesn’t disrupt a 529 plan – Written by Erin Peterson /

There’s no question that divorce often results in financial chaos, and as couples seek to untangle their financial lives from one another, a 529 plan often gets neglected. Though the funds inside a 529 plan can be significant, they may be overlooked because people assume the money belongs to the child, says Leslie Thompson, a

Judges Say Litigants Are Increasingly Going Pro Se—at Their Own Peril – Posted on the American Bar Association Website

A survey of nearly 1,200 state trial judges around the country indicates that the weak economy has increased the number of litigants representing themselves in foreclosures, domestic relations, consumer issues and non-foreclosure housing matters; and the judges say litigants are doing a poor job as well as burdening courts already hurt by cutbacks. A preliminary

Top 10 Rules for Divorced Parents – By Shirley Cress Dudley, MA LPC NCC – Director of The Blended and Step Family Resource Center

1 – Don’t send messages to your ex-spouse through the kids Your children have been through some major changes- mom and dad not living together, divorce, and now visitation back and forth between the houses. They do not need to be involved in adult discussions or arguments. 2 – Keep contact to a minimum One