Who Are The Likeliest & Least Likeliest to Get Divorced?

Divorcing your partner is never an easy decision. Some people are more likely to get divorced than others. Divorce is very common in the US. It is estimated that about 50% of marriages will end in divorce. There are a lot of statistics about who is more likely to get divorced. For example, the risk

3 Questions to Ask If You’re Thinking Of Separating

The decision to separate can be an overwhelming one. But, as you know, it’s also the only way to find out if you and your spouse are truly ready to call it quits. Separation is a time for both parties to take a step back and evaluate what they want from their marriage going forward.

Common Questions About Divorce Mediation, Answered

If you’re preparing for divorce, it’s possible that you’ve thought about divorce mediation. But what is divorce mediation and how can it help you through the divorce process? Here, we’ll answer that and a few more common questions about divorce mediation services. What Is Divorce Mediation? Divorce mediation is a type of settlement process used