Simple Guidance for You in Choosing Divorce Lawyers

Despite the touted divorce statistic, which holds that 50% of marriages end in divorce, there is a lower rate of divorce among couples with children (40%). During this process, divorce lawyers serve a useful purpose in shepherding hurting people through complex legalities. If you’re looking to hire a divorce attorney, here are some pointers that

4 Ways to Reduce the Pain with Divorce Mediation

Did you know that 90% of divorce cases in the United States that go through mediation settle successfully? Divorce mediation is where a neutral third party (who is also independent and is known as the mediator) meets with you and your partner to work out a separation agreement. Mediation is an out of court form of settlement.

5 Benefits Of Getting Divorced

When you finally walk down that aisle into the arms of the person you love, you’re taking your first step towards spending the rest of your life with that individual. Sometimes, though, differences surface and the relationship can become unbearable. It’s more common than you might think. Research whos that Americans argue about 19 times

What Determines Child Custody After Divorce

Divorce rates are on the rise in America today. Based on researchers, only about 50% of all new marriages have a chance to last. Divorce brings the need to determine who gets to stay with the children once the process is final. According to research, 75% of children with divorced parents are made to stay