How Does the Child Custody Process Work During a Divorce?

Child custody cases are often emotionally charged situations. Both parents want to spend as much time as possible with their children. Occasionally, one parent will strive to keep the other one away. Working with a lawyer for divorce mediation is crucial to ensure everyone can reach an agreement. Keep reading to learn about what the child custody process looks like.

Education Regarding Rights

A lawyer will take the time to educate you regarding your rights as a parent. For example, most parents have the right to visit, support their children, and have a say regarding education and religion. However, according to the Census Bureau, 21% of children nationwide are raised without their fathers. A lawyer can help make sure that doesn’t happen.

Divorce Mediation Sessions

Custody is often agreed on during mediation sessions, if possible. Lawyers from both parties will speak with their clients and ask what they want. If possible, shared parenting agreements are often preferred because they provide both parents equal time with the child. Parents usually split holidays with one another to ensure everyone gets a turn with their little ones.

Various Factors Matter

While a shared parenting agreement with one week on and one week off works for many families, several other visitation schedules are used. Several factors must be taken into account during divorce mediation. For example, if the child is in school and the parents live in different school districts, it may be challenging for the parent who lives further to get the child to school. Lawyers will consider things like location, work schedules, and anything else the parties are concerned about.

Types of Custody

Shared custody may be the preference, but several other types of custody agreements exist. Bird’s nest custody is becoming more popular and involves the parents taking turns living in a house with the child. Sole custody is often used when one parent makes the primary decisions for the child, and the child lives with that parent. Physical custody usually refers to the parent with whom the child resides; the other parent may have visitation rights.

Divorce mediation helps determine a mutual outcome for child custody. It’s crucial to have an excellent medication service assisting you. Contact C.E.L. & Associates Inc for a consultation today.