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How a Friend Can Help You Through Divorce

It’s important that you confide in your friends and feel comfortable telling them about your divorce. Divorce can sometimes take years to be finalized, and having a great support system during that time is vital. How can your friends help with divorce? Let’s look into the matter below. 1. If You Have Kids Divorce can

What Are The Grounds For Divorce In Illinois?

Divorce doesn’t have to define your life. Many people view divorce as a positive step, releasing them from unhappy marriages and allowing them to pursue their goals. Additionally, most people remarry three years after their divorce, indicating that their divorces don’t stop them from pursuing serious relationships afterward. For many people, the frustrating thing about

What to Look For In a Divorce Mediator

So you’ve decided to get a divorce. This could represent an amazing opportunity for you to start a new life on your own, free of your marriage. But at the same time, the divorce process can be full of challenges. Many emotions are involved in divorce, and even if you and your ex have decided

The Best Divorce Advice For 2022

Divorce is always challenging, but it doesn’t have to be a difficult transition in your life. Divorce can ultimately be a positive thing for you and, if applicable, your family. The real issues that people run into with divorce usually lie in how their divorces are handled. Much of this is because divorce is so

How Does the Divorce Mediation Process Work?

Nobody wants to get divorced, even if it is ultimately in the best interests of everyone involved. There is no single type of person who is likely to get divorced, though attending college can lower your risk of divorce by 13%. Perhaps the biggest issue during divorce is not the split itself, but the arguments

What Are The Leading Causes of Divorce?

Everybody hopes that their marriages will last for the long term, but unfortunately, this is not always possible. It’s important to not view divorce as a failure; in some cases, divorce largely occurs due to the actions of one partner, while other times there are mutual actions that cause parties to divorce. Nonetheless, when there

The Eyebrow Raising Divorce Facts You Should Hear

Sometimes, divorce is impossible to avoid. While you can potentially make your split more amicable through divorce mediating sessions, there will almost inevitably be something that surprises you during those proceedings. Part of this surprise may be linked to the fact that many people don’t understand how divorce works. Divorce is shrouded in mystery and

3 Facts About Post Divorce Life That You Should Know

Using the divorce mediation process can help to shape your post-divorce life. The divorce mediation process can help to overcome some of the obstacles to starting a new life. Many couples take advantage of mediation as part of the divorce process to make the break easier for everyone. Many People Will Move On Without Drama

How Divorce Mediation Can Financially Help You

Divorce is never easy, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be one of the worst things to happen in your life. In fact, your divorce should ultimately be a positive choice, allowing both you and your ex-spouse to move on and become happier. But nonetheless, the process of divorce can be quite stressful and ultimately

What to Think About If You’re Divorcing Your Husband

Divorce is never easy. Even if you’re on good terms with your soon-to-be ex-husband, the process is complicated and exhausting. You’re going to need to make sure that everything is done legally, efficiently, and as fairly as possible. There is a lot to think about when divorcing your husband, but it is essential to keep