4 Shocking Child Support Statistics

Making an appointment with a divorce lawyer is a hard step to take. It’s especially hard when you have children. After all, someone will become a non-custodial parent and have to pay child support. Here are some shocking statistics related to child support cases. 1. 50 is the Magic Number Divorce is common in American

4 Factors That Are Considered in Child Support

Are you going through a breakup and need help arranging child support? Thanks to professional family relations mediation services, you can handle these matters with expert, compassionate assistance. If you are unfamiliar with how child support arrangements are made, here’s what you should know Here are factors considered in a typical case. 1. Custody According

4 Ways to Help Your Children Through Your Divorce

One great concern parents have when working with a divorce attorney is how the breakup will affect their children. Divorce has psychological effects on children and can sometimes put them in a dilemma of choosing which parent to stay with. According to the Divorce Center, about 75% of children whose parents have divorced choose to

Caring and Co-Parenting After Divorce

When you make use of divorce mediation services while divorcing your significant other, this can significantly decrease the hardships and challenges that come during and after the process. The collaborative nature of mediation encourages less reliance on an adversarial relationship between the parties than traditionally divorcing your significant other, facilitating more effective communication between parents.

Family Mediator in Chicago Opens up the Discussion

A family mediator in Chicago is used to working with difficult issues and former couples who are struggling to resolve legal matters.   He or she has specialized training to resolve important matters affecting a family, including shared parenting responsibilities and support matters.   A family mediator in Chicago uses key skills to get the parties to

Clearing up Myths Involved in Divorce Mediation in Chicago

Divorce mediation in Chicago is an alternative to litigating issues on which spouses do not agree as part of their divorce.   While divorce mediation in Chicago has been around for decades, some misconceptions have arisen regarding the process and getting a divorce.   Some myths and realities are discussed below. It is not Possible to Mediate

Myths Dispelled about Divorce Mediation in Chicago – by Brian James

Divorce mediation in Chicago is an alternative way of handling a divorce.  Rather than battling the case out in court, the parties collaborate and move toward a peaceful resolution of their case.  Since divorce mediation in Chicago is not as common as litigated cases, confusion sometimes surrounds the process.  Some misunderstandings include: Mediation is Only

Tips from a Family Mediator in Chicago for a Successful Co-Parenting Relationship – by Brian James

A family mediator in Chicago helps parents who may not have the best relationship develop a new one for the sake of their children.  After a marriage or relationship ends, it can be difficult for parents to restructure their relationship.  However, many studies indicate that children thrive when there is less conflict between their parents.