Family Mediator in Chicago Opens up the Discussion

A family mediator in Chicago is used to working with difficult issues and former couples who are struggling to resolve legal matters.   He or she has specialized training to resolve important matters affecting a family, including shared parenting responsibilities and support matters.   A family mediator in Chicago uses key skills to get the parties to discuss their issues with the goal of resolving things.

A mediator can explain the rights of each party and the decisions the court has made in similar cases.   Sometimes parties may not have a realistic idea about what the court can decide.   This can be illuminating for the parties.   More importantly, mediators can frame the mediation in a way that will appeal to the interests of the parties.   These interests may be different than whatever the party’s rights actually are.   For example, interests may include wanting to have a peaceful relationship, wanting to maximize time with children and the ability to co-parent effectively.  A mediator can focus on the interests that are important to the parties to move toward a positive resolution of the case.

Mediation helps parties stay away from litigation and puts them on the same side to try to amicably resolve the legal matters.  By treating the parties with respect and empathy and being willing to work diligently toward a resolution, a mediator can often get the parties to resolve their differences in a peaceful manner and on terms that make sense for them.