4 Shocking Child Support Statistics

Making an appointment with a divorce lawyer is a hard step to take. It’s especially hard when you have children. After all, someone will become a non-custodial parent and have to pay child support. Here are some shocking statistics related to child support cases.

1. 50 is the Magic Number

Divorce is common in American society. So much so, that couples only have a 50% chance of staying married, Time Magazine. If these couples break up with children, about 50% of the custodial parents have some form of child support agreement, according to It’s important to understand these statistics during this trying time.

2. Abuse is Common

One parent may have to fight for financial support from an abusive ex-spouse. One in seven American kids has been abused or neglected in the past year, according to Mom Loves Best. Luckily, a good divorce lawyer can provide mediation and ask the judge for supervised visits or no contact with the other parent.

3. Funds Aren’t Always Received

Children are expensive, which is why not receiving child support can be detrimental to any household. After all, going through a divorce means you may now have to rely on a single income when you once could rely on two. According to Verywell Family, only 43% of custodial single parents received child support the court ruled they should have. In addition, only 60% of whatever funds were due came through.

4. Gender Bias Can Happen

It’s important to know that gender can play a big role during child support cases. However, it’s important to remember that will vary case by case and will depend on your judge, region, and unique circumstances. According to Divorce Lawyers for Men, American fathers receive 10% less child support than mothers, who are awarded support twice as often as fathers. It’s best to work with an experienced lawyer who can get the best result for your unique situation.

As any divorce lawyer will tell you, child custody cases can be hard. Things can especially get nasty when fighting for support. That’s why it’s essential to have a solid legal team on your side. When you contact our legal team, we provide all the mediation and support you need. Contact us today for a consultation.