4 Ways to Help Your Children Through Your Divorce

One great concern parents have when working with a divorce attorney is how the breakup will affect their children. Divorce has psychological effects on children and can sometimes put them in a dilemma of choosing which parent to stay with. According to the Divorce Center, about 75% of children whose parents have divorced choose to live with their mother. Nonetheless, their lives are greatly affected regardless of whom they stay with. If you are divorced, here are ways to help your children through this period.

1. Honest Communication

Children are an integral part of the family and therefore deserve to know what’s happening. As a parent, you should explain the situation to your children calmly and lovingly. Utilize the opportunity to explain the decision and the upcoming changes in your and their lives.

2. Make an Effort to Co-Parent

When couples want to get divorced, they seek the help of a divorce attorney to get custody of their children. However, this can leave the children feeling they will lose the other parent. Closely working as co-parents can help reassure them that they will always have both parents in their lives no matter the circumstances. When co-parenting, it’s always advisable to talk to your partner directly rather than relaying information through children.

3. Set a Good Example

It can be tempting to badmouth the other parent to get your children to side with you. Regardless of how bad the situation with your ex-partner is, avoid talking badly about them. This also means you should avoid fighting openly with your ex in front of your children, especially during this hard time for them. Your kids love both of you and, therefore, should not be in a position where they feel like they have to take sides.

4. Respect What Your Children Feel

Divorce can leave your children feeling negative emotions. They may feel sad, confused, angry, or even guilty. For instance, with the help of a divorce attorney, you may restrict the other parent from seeing your child. However, it’s important to understand the child’s feelings about this decision and respect their input.

If you are going through a divorce, you must realize that your children’s well-being is just as important as yours. Following the above information can help them through this tough time. However, you can also contact us to gain more help for you and your children with therapy and counseling.