Seven Tips for Planning Summer Holidays: A Co-parenting Guide – Written by Dyan Eybergen BA, RN

Working out a schedule to accommodate their children’s summer holidays can be a gruelling task for most divorced parents. Co-parents who can work together to meet the individual needs of their children are much more successful with formulating mutually agreed upon plans. Here are seven guidelines for making your co-parenting summer holidays fun for everyone:

Mother Jailed for Alienating Daughters from Dad

In a highly unusual move, a judge ordered a mother jailed for interfering with husband’s visitation with his children. In Lauren R. v Ted R. Justice Robert Ross ordered to the mother to report to jail for repeatedly violating the terms of the court orders regarding the father’s parenting time. The mother’s imprisonment coincides with

Dividing the Assets in Your Divorce: When Money and Emotions Overlap – DR. DEBORAH HECKER

Money is a core concern of any divorce experience.  Most people think of money in terms of dollars and cents and making the “right” financial choices.  However, money is a much more complex part of our lives and has the power to trigger potent subjective emotions in everyone.  Money symbolizes different things to different people