Summertime House Rules for Kids – From The Family Manager’s Guide to Summer Survival

Having a set of summertime house rules was a big help to our family when our boys were young. Everyone knew what to expect, and what was expected of him. Creating your own set of house rules this summer will help you create a more peaceful environment in your home, maintain some semblance of order, and save a lot of emotional wear and tear. In addition to keeping their belongings picked up, cleaning up after themselves in the kitchen, hanging up their wet swimsuits and towels to dry, and such, here are ideas for other rules you may want to adopt for a more peaceful summer.

1. No yelling at anyone or “pitching fits.” Reserve yelling and screaming for emergencies only. “Outside voices” are not to be used inside, and pitching a fit to get something is not acceptable behavior. Never give the desired response when a child pitches a fit as a means of getting it.

2. Calling names, or making unkind, cutting remarks to each other is strictly out of order. Make a list of the names and negative phrases you would like to eliminate from your family’s vocabulary, such as “Shut up,” “dummy,” “stupid,” “You make me sick.”

3. Take responsibility for your own actions and words. Kids need to know that you hold them responsible for their actions—no matter what the other person does. Consider setting a certain time of day for tattling and complaining. If children know they have to wait until, say, five o’clock to grumble or snitch on a sibling (unless the situation is dangerous) it’s amazing how many issues get resolved on their own.

4. Respect each other’s space and stuff. Create guidelines for walking into each other’s bedrooms and borrowing each other’s belongings. Outline consequences ahead of time when children mistreat the property of others.

5. Abide by a family chore system. Everyone who lives under the roof of a house should help with the upkeep—and when kids are out of school they can do more to help out. Create a chore chart so you’ll know who’s supposed to do what when.


From The Family Manager’s Guide to Summer Survival

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