Protecting The Kids During and after The Divorce

Many parents are unaware of the damage a divorce can cause for their children, even if the divorce is not especially hostile.  Children are very sensitive to the feelings of their parents, so it is important that they are protected during this difficult time. You and your spouse must communicate directly.  You must never communicate

How To Create A Successful Parenting Plan

Losing time with one’s children is the most painful part of a divorce.  It is easy to lose sight of what is in the best interests of your children because you want to save as much time with them as possible.  However, you will need to learn how to co-parent peacefully with your ex-spouse, and

When You Mediate Your Divorce You Begin with The Result End in Mind

The purpose of divorce mediation is to reach a settlement.  The parties are encouraged to collaborate and create an agreement that is tailored to their specific needs.  A divorce settlement may affect your life for many years, especially if you have children together.  Therefore, it is important not to think only about current issues, but

Divorce Mediation: Gentle Alternative To A Bitter Process

Divorces are a painful experience, even for those couples that remain friends.  To increase the odds of an amicable split, many couples have turned to divorce mediation to resolve their issues and settle their case.  Parties often leave mediation with a stronger ability to communicate than if they -allowed their case go to trial. Mediation

Exposing the Fallacy of Women Being Disadvantaged In Mediation

Many assume that women are disadvantaged in mediation.  Perhaps they will settle for less than what they want.  Or maybe there is a power imbalance between her and her spouse.  However, this perception is incorrect.  In mediation, the parties will only settle an issue if they are content with its terms.  Mediation provides both parties

Innocent Victims of A Litigious Divorce – The Children

During a divorce, the silent victims are the children.  Even when the split is amicable, children still suffer anxiety and sadness as their lives change.  In especially contested cases, the divorce may leave scars on children that linger well into adulthood and shape the way they view relationships. When custody or visitation is contested, the

Top 10 Tips for Choosing A Divorce Mediator

What are your goals? Do you need help agreeing to the terms of your divorce and getting them finalized (pre-decree mediation), or do you need guidance for disagreements that have occurred after the divorce (post-decree mediation)? Once you understand your goals, make sure that the mediator handles these types of disputes. The mediator should have