When You Mediate Your Divorce You Begin with The Result End in Mind

The purpose of divorce mediation is to reach a settlement.  The parties are encouraged to collaborate and create an agreement that is tailored to their specific needs.  A divorce settlement may affect your life for many years, especially if you have children together.  Therefore, it is important not to think only about current issues, but also any future issues so that you can avoid the expense of litigation.

As you mediate your case, think about the long term.  Is it possible that you or your spouse will move away? How will you handle bringing new boyfriends or girlfriends around your children? It is important to address as many of these issues as possible during divorce mediation.  Otherwise, you may have to file a new case in family court to address them once you are divorced.

Think about your children’s needs and schedules until they reach the age of majority, because this is typically how long a divorce settlement will impact them.  If you create a settlement centered around a child’s schedule as a 5 year old, that settlement will likely become irrelevant by the time the child is 8.  A good mediator helps you think about anticipating future activities, changing schedules and even college.

Although it is impossible to anticipate every event that will occur in the future, a good settlement will address the coming years.  As you think about finalizing your divorce, picture yourself a couple of years from now.  How do you want your life to look? What do you want for your children? Keep these questions in mind as you negotiate.