Divorce Mediation: Gentle Alternative To A Bitter Process

Divorces are a painful experience, even for those couples that remain friends.  To increase the odds of an amicable split, many couples have turned to divorce mediation to resolve their issues and settle their case.  Parties often leave mediation with a stronger ability to communicate than if they -allowed their case go to trial.

Mediation encourages the parties to create a settlement that suits their individual needs.  In contrast, a courtroom trial focuses on a “winner” and a “loser.” At the end of a trial, any relationship the parties previously had is usually destroyed.  However, when the parties actively work to create a compromise, their relationship is often preserved, which is especially important if children are involved.

Mediation also saves the parties a tremendous amount of stress.  Mediation expenses are a fraction of what a trial would cost.  Further, mediation may be scheduled much earlier than a trial, so it allows the parties to finalize their case and move on with their lives much sooner.

Mediation also allows the parties to avoid testifying in a family court trial in front of a judge.  In mediation, the parties may meet in a conference room with a mediator to resolve their dispute.

Since the parties know the facts of their case better than their attorneys and family court judges, it makes sense that they should determine how the case is settled.  Mediation allows the parties to take control of the case and determine exactly how they will proceed with their lives after the divorce.