Moving Forward After Your Divorce

Marriages are designed to be enjoyed, not endured. That’s why it’s acceptable to file for a divorce if you’re unhappy with your marriage. However, divorce is not always an easy subject to speak about. The future may look depressing and frightening regardless of who ended the marriage. That’s why it’s a good idea to take

The Different Types of Divorce: Understanding Your Legal Options

Not every marriage leads to a happily ever after. According to LinkedIn, the divorce rate for college graduates is lower compared to non-graduates. If your marriage is about to end in divorce, you should know your legal options. Let’s discuss the available divorce options in this article. Uncontested Divorce An uncontested divorce would be a

What to Know About Navigating Property Division After a Divorce Mediation

Divorce mediation is becoming very popular for divorcing couples to come to terms with divorce settlements. Divorce mediation attempts to resolve things like property distribution after divorce, including child custody matters, child support and alimony, and debt distribution. Property distribution is one of the most talked about things in mediation. Here’s what you can expect.