Creative Solutions to Resolving Employment Disputes in Chicago

Employment disputes in Chicago often arise because of communication problems.   A worker may feel that he or she was mistreated or that the employer failed to protect him or her.   Mediation allows the parties to resolve the legal issues out of court in a non-confrontational setting.   A significant benefit of mediating employment disputes in Chicago

Process of Mediating Landlord/Tenant Disputes in Chicago

Mediating a landlord/tenant dispute in Chicago helps minimize the money and time spent to resolve a legal issue.   These disputes can flood the court system and take significant time to resolve through litigation.   In mediation, the mediator facilitates communication to work toward a mutually satisfactory resolution of the case.   Parties involved in mediating a landlord/tenant

Issues that can be Successfully Settled through Family Mediation in Chicago

Family mediation in Chicago can successfully resolve issues typically involved in divorce.   Some of the issues that we have successfully resolved in family mediation in Chicago include: Property Division Spouses may not initially agree on how to divide their property or how to handle larger assets such as the family home.   A family mediator can

Family Mediator in Chicago Opens up the Discussion

A family mediator in Chicago is used to working with difficult issues and former couples who are struggling to resolve legal matters.   He or she has specialized training to resolve important matters affecting a family, including shared parenting responsibilities and support matters.   A family mediator in Chicago uses key skills to get the parties to

Considerations for a Chicago Prenuptial Agreement

A Chicago prenuptial agreement establishes certain property rights in the event of death or divorce.   A prenuptial agreement is a way to avoid the default laws of the state.   When drafting a Chicago prenuptial agreement, take time to consider the following:  Whether to Use a Prenuptial Agreement  Some parties mistakenly believe that a prenuptial agreement

Four Major Benefits of a Divorce Mediator in Chicago

A divorce mediator in Chicago can help the parties resolve issues involved in the divorce process, such as property division, shared parenting responsibilities, parenting time and child support matters.  In addition to saving time and money in the process by avoiding expensive and time-consuming litigation, other major benefits of using a divorce mediator in Chicago

Clearing up Myths Involved in Divorce Mediation in Chicago

Divorce mediation in Chicago is an alternative to litigating issues on which spouses do not agree as part of their divorce.   While divorce mediation in Chicago has been around for decades, some misconceptions have arisen regarding the process and getting a divorce.   Some myths and realities are discussed below. It is not Possible to Mediate