Key Points to Keep in Mind about Neighborhood Disputes in Chicago

Neighborhood disputes in Chicago may arise for a number of reasons, often over small things that have snowballed over time.   Often neighborhood disputes in Chicago deal with non-monetary issues such as problems with water flowing onto a neighbor’s property, noise disturbances, damage to trees or plants, a loose dog or refusal to adhere to a homeowner’s association rules.   In many of these situations, litigation is not an appropriate way to resolve the issues.   Mediation can often yield better results for feuding neighbors.

Benefits of Mediation 

To try to get a neighbor to stop certain action through litigation, a lawsuit must be filed that states all of the neighbor’s grievances.   Lawyers are hired and expensive legal fees are billed.   The parties may engage in a long discovery process.   The ordeal may easily cost thousands of dollars for an issue that may not require money damages.   Mediation is a far superior option for neighborhood disputes because it is less time-consuming and more affordable.


A unique aspect of neighborhood disputes is that the parties live close by each other.   They may see each other often.   Having a pending lawsuit may create bitterness or stress for the party and make the experience of living close very uncomfortable.   Lawsuits can drag on for years so tension can last this entire time.   Often a lawsuit will create more discomfort between the parties than the underlying problem.   Mediation resolves disputes more quickly so the parties can move on and potentially salvage a cordial relationship.  

Value of Property

Neighbors must consider the long-term effects of litigating issues involving their property.   Such a case may have an adverse effect on the value of both properties involved if public litigation ensues.   Mediation allows parties to discuss their legal issues in a structured manner to promote communication between the parties.