Issues that can be Successfully Settled through Family Mediation in Chicago

Family mediation in Chicago can successfully resolve issues typically involved in divorce.   Some of the issues that we have successfully resolved in family mediation in Chicago include:

Property Division

Spouses may not initially agree on how to divide their property or how to handle larger assets such as the family home.   A family mediator can help them negotiate a compromise.   The spouses may agree to trade off certain property in exchange for assets that may mean more to them emotionally.   They may agree to a concession on one piece of property in order to get what they want with another.   Mediation can also help the parties minimize their legal costs so that there is more marital property to divide.  

Parenting Time 

Mediation can help parties come up with fair agreements regarding how both parents can continue to be an important part of their children’s lives.   Parents may develop a comprehensive parenting plan that lays out how they will raise their children together in a positive manner.

Spousal Support 

Mediation can also help resolve spousal support matters.   A mediator can explain the rules in Illinois regarding support and the factors the court considers.   He or she can also explain the child support guidelines so the parents have an objective starting point.   A mediator can help the parties define the types of financial assistance that are necessary so the parties can work together to determine a fair amount of both spousal and child support.