Creative Solutions to Resolving Employment Disputes in Chicago

Employment disputes in Chicago often arise because of communication problems.   A worker may feel that he or she was mistreated or that the employer failed to protect him or her.   Mediation allows the parties to resolve the legal issues out of court in a non-confrontational setting.   A significant benefit of mediating employment disputes in Chicago is that the parties can decide how to settle their case.   They are not required to settle in a manner that a court may have ruled in a prior case and are generally able to reach any conclusion they think is appropriate.   They may mutually agree to creative solutions beyond direct monetary payments such as:


If an employee was wrongfully terminated, the parties may agree to reinstate him or her.  The parties may agree to put him or her in the same position or a different one.

Job Training

Part of the settlement may include job training for the employee so that he or she can advance in the future.   If a workplace policy is not effective, training may be given to workers and supervisors.

Revising Contract 

The parties may agree to modify the employment contract.   If the worker signed a non-compete agreement, the duration of it may be shortened or the agreement may be waived.


Many parties involved in a legal dispute underestimate the importance of an apology.   Sometimes a party may simply want to feel heard and understood.   In some situations, this apology may take the form of a public apology such as announcing it in the workplace or in a press release.

Positive Reference

The parties may make a term of the settlement to provide a positive reference to the employee.   This is more likely to occur in situations in which the employment relationship has been terminated and the employee has not yet found a replacement job.