Benefits of Mediating Employment Disputes in Chicago IL

In any business, employment disputes are bound to occur.  No company is immune from such disputes; they impact businesses of every size and in every industry.  If these disputes are not handled in a timely manner, they may have detrimental impacts on the company.  Workplace morale will suffer, the reputation of the business may be tarnished, and employees may look for work elsewhere.  Instead, using mediation to settle employment disputes in Chicago Illinois is a much better solution.  While mediating employment disputes in Chicago Illinois, a mediator meets with the parties involved to figure out how they might compromise and settle their case.

Common employment disputes include wrongful termination claims, discrimination claims, issues regarding pay and benefits, harassment allegations, and even less serious events such as the general inability of employees to get along with each other.

Mediating employment disputes is especially beneficial because it keeps the dispute out of the public eye.  Even if a company is cleared of any wrongdoing at the end of a court case, the local community will likely only remember the negatives of the case.  Media coverage of such events is often not favorable to companies involved in these disputes.  The filing of a court case is not a prerequisite for attending mediation, so the parties may be able to settle the dispute without ever needing to file court documents—which become public record.

Similarly, when employees learn that there is a legal dispute that is ongoing within the company, the business is harmed.  Employees will likely spend a great deal of work time trying to find out what is going on with the case, which hinders productivity.  Many employees will also fear that they will be called as a witness in the case, which disrupts their ability to focus on their work.