Benefits of Resolving Employment Disputes in Chicago Illinois Out of Court

Employment disputes in Chicago Illinois may include disagreements regarding pay, work duties, treatment in the workplace, promotion decisions or disciplinary decisions, among other potential issues.  These employment disputes in Chicago Illinois can be costly, disruptive to the business and frustrating.  Bringing in a third-party mediator can help resolve the situation and provide valuable objectivity when parties are in conflict.  Some benefits of using mediation or other methods to resolve these disputes include:

Reduced Expense 

Litigation involves paying attorneys’ fees, court costs and other expenses for a prolonged period of time.  Often, parties involved in employment disputes incur thousands of dollars that can be avoided by using mediation to keep the dispute out of the courtroom.

Time Savings 

Mediation can help resolve a legal problem more quickly than the traditional courtroom avenue.  This helps minimize the  possible negative impact that the legal dispute might have on the business and the parties’ relationship.

Lack of Business Disruption 

A legal dispute can disrupt business, increase anxiety and make others in the workplace feel stressed and confused.  Mediation is a private process, so anything discussed during the process is confidential.  Rather than airing all of the grievances in a public forum, mediation allows you to work out problems in a confidential setting.

More Flexibility 

Mediation allows for creativity and has more possible resolutions than litigation, which is typically limited to providing money damages to the prevailing party. In mediation, the parties may agree to other outcomes, such as reassignment, reinstatement or new training for employees.


Parties involved in an employment dispute who go all the way to trial are subject to the whim of a judge or jury.  In mediation, the parties voluntarily enter into a mutual agreement.  They only accept terms to resolve the conflict with which they are comfortable.