Collaborative Divorce Cook County

Why Couples Should Consider A Collaborative Divorce Process

What Collaborative Divorce Cook County Services Are?

Collaborative divorce is an idea brought forward by Stuart Webb around 1990 because he was fed up with the traditional divorce process. a traditional divorce process can in other terms be described as a cold war, where every spouse wants to win and get as much from it as possible. Lawyers throwing words at each other, spouses hating just to name but a few. Webb thought there should be a better way to handle divorce hence collaborative divorce was born where couples would have a respectful, cost friendly and confidential process with collaborative divorce Cook County services.

In collaborative, you and your spouse co-ordinate in selecting a mediator, each collaborative divorce cook mediator would need to be collaboratively trained thus sharing the philosophy of respect, cooperation, collaboration and humane treatment. Once the lawyers are chosen, you will then proceed to select the type of model that is best suited for your situation.

Who should seek collaborative divorce Cook County services?

This process is not for every situation or couple, it requires that spouses involved be committed with each other rather than work to bring the other down. Persons that are able to accept divorce manage their emotions, willing to learn and interested in the other parties well-being. This couple should be people that think about the long term effects of their separation in the future, well-being of the kids and friendly maintenance of a relationship with the other side.

How mediation works to make the collaborative divorce Cook County process possible

One model of collaborative separation is the Team Model, after the collaborative divorce cook county mediators have been selected, all the four of you i.e. your spouse, you, your spouse’s attorney, your attorney, will select a neutral financial professional and a neutral mental health specialist. The term neutral is used here because the latter two don’t represent interests of any party, they are only here to help you reach an agreement.

To avoid the insults and threats hurled at each other during a normal divorce process, both parties sign an agreement to refrain from such acts. There are a set of team meetings that help craft a divorce settlement that satisfies both couple’s needs.

Benefits of a collaborative divorce Cook County professionals handling a divorce

This kind of divorce is very economical compared to court processes where the process can take forever if no solution is being reached. Here the lawyers strive to get a win-win situation since they share collaborative tasks with the client. A lot of time is saved here hence its fast, a normal collaborative process can take 4-6 meetings.

The normal stress associated with court processes is avoided here, it will also be much better if the couple has kids as it saves them much face. The power wars are equally balanced here since each side has support and negotiations are conducted openly.

Collaborative divorce Cook County mediators acknowledge that a divorce is a difficult legal problem that entails family, emotional and financial aspects. A point to note is that if this process does not work, either due to one couple giving up on it, the agreement becomes void and now couples must proceed to do a traditional court process.

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