Common Sense Ways to Prepare for Family Mediation in Chicago Illinois

If you have decided to take part in family mediation in Chicago Illinois, it is important for you to properly prepare for this process.  In family mediation in Chicago Illinois, you sit down with the other party and a trained individual who can help you two reach solutions that are tailored to your unique circumstances.  Some ways to prepare for this process include:

Know What to Expect 

Talk to your family law attorney about what to expect from the process.  Ask who will be there and where it will take place.  The mediator may provide separate rooms or may have both parties in the same room, depending on the mediator’s preferences and the dynamics involved between you and the other party.  If you do not have an attorney, contact the mediator before your mediation session with your questions about the process.

Take Items to Make Yourself Comfortable 

Mediation may last several hours, so it is important that you are comfortable.  Dress in layers so that you can peel off or add layers as the temperature warrants.  You may want to bring a bottle of water and small snacks.  You may need to bring a phone charger or book to read during down times to avoid getting frustrated while you are waiting.

Plan to Stay 

Do not schedule mediation for a time when you have other obligations.  Mediation may take the better part of a day or even longer. Make arrangements for someone else to pick up your children from school or to watch them while you are mediation.

Expect to Feel Emotional 

Mediation can be a difficult process when dealing with sensitive issues such as how much time you will spend with your children or how much financial support, whether child support or spousal support, should be provided.  Be honest with the mediator about your emotions, such as feeling overwhelmed, stressed or anxious.  Mediators are trained to handle difficult emotions and have techniques to help you work through them.